We build the product needed to satisfy every idea

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We design and realize the design of showcases for showrooms, restaurants, outlets, offices etc. Our experience in the sector allows us to study solutions that go beyond the image of own society, becoming a true point of strength of activity. (WINDOWS FULL HD 4K)

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Our interactive technology is projected to work through glass, and glass contact glass. It can be applied directly to the inner glass of a showcase to create a retro projection, an area for viewing and viewing interactive information. It is now possible to transform traditional displays from shop windows into interactive monitors. It is ideal for making customized interactive totems and totems for use with indoor communication systems as well as for outdoor digital Signage circuits.

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Magic Mirror

Digital Mirror is a digital diverting mirror that allows you to wear new clothes, sharing your purchases in real time with friends and family, by sending photos and videos to the main Social Network.

This "virtual mirror" applies perfectly to any clothing store.


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Totem AND display

Monitor professional ultra bright and ultra subtle, projected for Digital Signage, perfect also in presence of strong ambiente light.
Display has 360 ° to high luminosity and resolution, low energy cost, giving the possibility to visualize several videos simultaneously.

High visual impact for outdoor and indoor installations.

Supports for totems and tablets completely customizable. All the tools to explain your services and make them interactive and exciting!

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Interactive tables promote more effective and complete communication.
Thanks to the interactivity texts, photo, video and animations become more interesting.
The area sensitive to the touch will allow to deepen the information, accessing the multimedia archives through projected software to raise as much as possible the pleasure of the content.

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Thanks to our devices we are able to transform any surface area (floors, walls and ceilings) from static to interactive.

With this great product, you will have the possibility to interact with games, applications with full hd, 4K resolution directly to the chosen place.